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The Media Lives Video Platform (OverLives) enables digital agencies and publishers to produce and deliver highly-engaging ads featuring video, rich media, dynamic content and social sharing.

Traditionally advertising seeks out target markets in the hopes of finding a customer, but our model drives the interested party to the advertiser. Consumers are more likely to purchase products in which they have an active interest. Interactive video advertising allows the viewer complete control of viewing the video or pursuing a purchase. Advertisers realize a higher return on investment because this interactive advertising leads to quick and almost instant sales, with the potential of thousands of items for sale per video. With our technology integration and optimization, we’re able to provide meaningful sales and tremendous opportunity that advertisers and publishers seek.

Video AdvVideo advertising is becoming increasingly complex as publishers look to maximize the value of their inventory, content creators search for ways to protect and monetize their assets, and advertisers demand better targeting, better performance, and better brand safety.

The enormity of the opportunity has created a competitive and crowded market making life increasingly complicated for advertisers and agencies. Online video is an industry being driven by technological advancements and the rate at which the landscape is changing can be daunting for any advertiser.


What to expect with Media Lives Video Platform

  • High-quality video ad inventory
  • Global reach
  • Most advanced targeting
  • Efficient buy
  • 100% brand transparency (industry certifications)
  • Audience verification, site-level reporting
  • Auto-optimization steers campaigns to best audience
  • IO purchase – guaranteed impressions at set rate
  • Measurement and guaranteed performance
  • Dedicated Client Services team

Deliver real-time optimization of creative and content to reach your target audiences with engaging and relevant messages.

Leveraging the power of the Media Lives technology, an integrated video campaign management platform that has powered billions of in-video ads, Media Lives provides a complete video solution offering extensive, unduplicated reach combined with advanced audience-based targeting and compelling, customized ad formats.

Video Adv Example

In-stream videos deliver your ad embedded within compelling content. In-stream is ideal for repurposed TV spots or any video that is 0:15 or 0:30 seconds long. 

Interactive elements can be added to any of our in-stream units to drive engagement with your brand. Include an additional promotional message or social sharing functions to increase the network effects of your message 

Increase the impact of your video advertising by including companion banner advertising to accompany your creative and boost your campaign. 

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