Real Time Bidding

Real-time bidding is the future of display advertising, allowing advertisers to place live bids in order to acquire impressions on a particular website.

RTB allows display inventory to be purchased by the individual impression through a bidding system that unfolds in the milliseconds before a webpage is loaded by a consumer. The targeting and cost efficiency opportunities presented by RTB are making it a revolutionary force in the online advertising landscape.

Media Lives powers ads in Video, Flash or Image formats. AdNexta can also assist with creating and serving rich media ads from your banner ideas including lead forms, maps, social media links, video and more. All ad types utilize audience and inventory targeting and are purchased on exchanges using real time bidding technology to ensure you are winning the best placements and audiences for your campaign.

WorldWide Impressions

Media Lives is one point of connection to buy banner ad units on all major ad exchanges and aggregators.

Our exchange platform facilitates the bidding, buying, and selling of online display advertising inventory from multiple ad networks. Our ad exchange aggregates the entire inventory of advertisers, publishers, and networks within a single platform, offering advertisers a medium for centralized placement, management, and optimization of display buys across any number of online publishers.

Through an ad exchange, advertisers and agencies can determine what CPM or CPC they are willing to pay for a target site, then bid for that CPM/CPC to reach the audience without the hassles of negotiation.

The Media Lives Network gives advertisers the opportunity to secure cost effective interactive media with a global reach. Whether the desired results are based on branding or a target ROI, a campaigns’ success is based on the ability of the advertiser to identify, define and target an audience most likely to value the offer of the campaign and therefore likely to respond. The Media Lives Network provides a combination of global inventory reach, data integration and global distribution to expose the advertising message from the client to the most targeted audience possible across the interactive platforms.

At its most basic form, the RTB process unfolds like this:

  • The publisher provides its inventory to an Ad Exchange, who is responsible for holding an auction, during which the DSPs, on behalf of the advertisers, will place a bid on each impression.
  • The value of the bid is based on the value of that impression, as determined by the advertiser’s parameters with the DSP. The bidding process ensures that each impression is sold at the maximum price, as dictated by real time market demand.
  • Once the bidding is completed, the winner is chosen and the ad is served on the publisher’s website.
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