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Optimise your site to make money online

Our performance marketing network uses advanced tracking and reporting that delivers a clear overview of activity and ensures publishers are fairly rewarded for the results they generate.

While most businesses focus on helping publishers monetise their low-value inventory, Media Lives helps them maximize value where it really matters – gaining the most from their premium inventory. Even a small improvement in premium inventory value can have a significant impact on revenues and profitability.

You start earning money with your website when an internet user signs up (lead) or buys (sale) something online on the advertiser’s website. The amount of your commission depends on:

  • The relevance degree of the ads regarding your visitors
  • The advertiser’s offered commission fee
  • The consumers’ purchase amount generated by the ad

Detailed reports enabling you to optimise your traffic in real time. You will receive instant notification of every transaction in your publisher system, thus allowing you to optimise and control your traffic even more efficiently.

By publishing your affiliate program on the network it would be possible to pay the affiliates for the results:

  • amount per click
  • amount per lead
  • amount/percentage per sale

Open a publisher position in Media Lives Network

Corporate publisher Private publisher




    Register for free in Media Lives network for a quick start to your performance advertising activities. Manage all your projects and international activities with one account. You will get access to advertisements from some of the biggest and most popular brands. 


    Set up an unlimited number of ad spaces for different portals, regions, or types of advertising activities and select Your publisher manager in our team. 


    Search for all relevant criteria of partner programs across the entire international AdNexta network. Get relevant information about conditions and commissions before applying and promote your ad space to advertisers, to get better deals. 


    Get a quick and comprehensive overview of your results including traffic and transactions, commissions and performance indicators. You can set up customised reports with a choice of filters, data columns and instant visualization with graphic chart designs. 


    With Media Lives you can count on regular pay-out of confirmed commissions. With many advertisers using prepayment to fill their AdNexta account balance, we can provide prompt pay-out as soon as the advertiser has confirmed the transaction. 

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