We’ll show your ad to millions of users of smartphones and tablets in mobile applications and mobile websites.

Media Lives understands mobile audiences better than anyone in the industry. With the most extensive targeting technology, and industry-first partnerships with third-party data providers, Media Lives is the only mobile ad platform that provides intelligent targeting at scale. You can choose the audience by country, city, operating system, device type, operator, days of the week and time of the day.

Mobile Traffic Share

The majority of our Publisher relationships are direct, which gives us first-call access to high-performing, quality inventory on iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

Find Your Target Audience

Leverage a variety of targeting options to ensure your ad reaches the right mobile users.
  • Geographic: Global, Country, Regional or Hyper-Local
  • Operating System: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and more
  • Device Type: Smartphone, Feature Phone or Tablet

Control Your Mobile Ad Creative

Use the creative gallery to upload, create and organize your mobile banner ads.
  • Upload your own mobile ad creative
  • Use the creative builder to create your own mobile ads
  • Tag ads so you can easily find them in your gallery

Manage Your Ad Campaigns

Experience an effective, efficient mobile advertising solution for any size business.
  • Control your daily budget
  • Set your CPC/CPM or CPA bid price
  • Adjust your budget and bids at any time
  • Image, text and tile and HTML creative types
  • Banner, medium rectangle, full screen interstitial and custom formats, in portrait and landscape orientations
  • Numerous rich media vendors certified for video and expandable formats
  • Automatic pre-caching of interstitial assets
  • Real-time budgeting system can deliver all at once or smoothed
  • Delivers above pace automatically to prevent underdelivery
  • Pacing indicators to track if campaigns are not delivering properly
  • Budget by impressions (CPM), clicks (CPC) or conversions (CPA)
  • Track conversions of new app installs or in-app purchases
  • Discrepancy monitoring and resolution with pixel tracking
  • Multiple frequency caps by impressions, clicks and conversions
  • User segments by percentage of devices or percentage of traffic
  • Keywords, with boolean logical operators
  • Device and platform
  • Geographic location (city, country, DMA, zipcode and more)
  • Carrier and IP
  • Report requests, impressions, clicks and conversions in real time on dashboard and offline for aggregated reports
  • Generate offline reports for all of your campaigns
  • Schedule reports for automatic generation and email notification
  • Report on a wide variety of dimensions, including campaign, app, device and more
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