Mobile Apps

Our mobile app development service extends to all major mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Mobile technology has transformed the digital game and Media Lives has been there from the start, contributing to the rapid flow of ideas that are determining the direction of the industry. We are creating iPhone, iPad and Android-compatible products that are quick to market and advance the concept of ‘always on’. Our recent focus on iPad development seeks to harness the advanced features of the product and provide creative enterprise solutions that improve how clients interface with consumers.

Mobile Players

To gain market share and brand awareness, you need to be where consumers are – complete with mobile sites, apps, and a great web experience. These properties are the engagement points for customers and prospects, and each has its own metrics and activity data. But what happens when a consumer’s experience goes beyond a single channel, like your website? What if that consumer switches from their mobile to their tablet in process?

Leveraging over fifteen years’ experience in bespoke software development, we will work directly with all stakeholders through meetings and workshops. Our teams will provide as much expert advice and support as you require, from initial design and prototyping to the final delivery.

We ensure that mobile is not considered in isolation but is effectively integrated into your overall business and multi-channel strategy. We consolidate the results into a structured and cohesive set of customer centric propositions that are right for your business and customers. We put all this in the context of a prioritised roadmap for implementation.

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