Interstitial ads tend to have higher engagement rates and banner ads offer marketers the ability to scale campaigns.

Interstitial is used in the sense of “in between”. The interstitial web page sits between a referenced page and the page which references it—hence it is in between two pages. This is distinct from a page which simply links directly to another, in that the interstitial page serves only to provide extra information to a user during the act of navigating from one page to the next.

interstitialInterstitials ads are a new emerging form of ad format that is gaining demand in online advertising. The interstitial ad is displayed before an expected content page and thus attracts a good amount of response as they blend fairly well to the content page. In this manner, they are often annoying and misleading to viewers but provide a good branding opportunity to advertisers.

When the user click on the interstitial ad they should land on another page that the advertiser set up to address more information about the product/service and what they would like the user to do.

Interstitials, by definition, deliver an interruptive experience that inevitably captures the user’s attention. It’s a powerful format and as such needs to be delivered sparingly in order to preserve a positive user experience in an app or site.


Interstitials are not banners, they are not popups, they are full page ads that load between page views on your site. Most interstitials display for 10 seconds or so before forwarding the user onto the page they were trying to view, and almost all interstitials include a skip button if the user does not want to wait.

Benefits of Interstitials Advertising

  • High Visual Impact – Ideal for Brand or Product Launch
  • Extreme level of engagement and click through
  • Engaging and prominent Large Ad format which encourages user interaction
  • Large creative space
  • The first impression of the day a user sees
  • Large reach across multiple sites
  • 100% of the page real estate
  • Can use Video, Rich Media or Static creative

Usually an interstitials are capped to display once every 24 hours (1/24) and the mandatory use of frequency controls ensures a positive user experience. Also additionally it’s important that your interstitials are contextually relevant to the destination site otherwise the engagement and click levels will be reduced.

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