Background Advertising

A skin ad, or background ad, appears in the background on both sides of the web page and is clickable.

Every brand has a story to tell. How do you want to share yours? Media Lives helps you deliver relevant, effective campaigns that target your particular audience and achieve your unique goals. See how our creativity and technology can move your story forward.

Background Advertising, often referred to as Background Skins or Wallpaper Advertising is a very effective tool for branding campaigns when gaining user attention and engagement is paramount. Delivered across multiple sites concurrently, Background Advertising provides a wide reaching media buy with similar metrics to those of a TV media buy. It’s particularly adapted for branding campaigns and product launches. It is sold at CPM or fixed price.

Online website skin ads are the most effective way to market and brand your message resulting in the highest Clickthrough rate (CTR).

Ad Specifications

skin example

Width: 1920px
Height: 1200px
File type: JPG
Files size: Up to 175kb
Entire region is clickable; supports one click through link.

We recommend using a gradient to a flat color when the main design of the wallpaper ends, so it looks as if it continues outward.  The visual result could be better for users with high resolutions (screen width more than 1260px). Wallpaper background hex color to appear to the left and right of the wallpaper but not in the center of the page. Wallpaper creative may not deliver any sort of scripting, i.e. Java script. The wallpaper may include one complementary click thru button;  this button can be jpg, gif, flash, png.

Apart from simple static backgrounds, we can develop Background Skins which feature Flash elements including video. This is great for running promotions like Movie Trailers, TV Shows (such as cooking shows) or new product launches. The ideas for background advertising campaigns are endless.


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