Performance marketing solutions

Our performance marketing network uses the affiliate principle of paying only for converting traffic to increase sales and drive marketing ROI across a range of pay-for-performance models. We increase online sales and generate leads to your website, whilst our leading mobile affiliate network helps to drive revenue and marketing ROI in the mobile space.

Publishers in the Media Lives Network are broken into a tiered category system, depending on the publisher’s promotional method.


Matched campaigns for every target group (standalone or as newsletter insert). The direct e-mail marketing activities operate provided the mailing lists utilised are permission-based (opt-in and double opt-in) i.e. that they use the e-mail addresses of users only where they have expressly consented to receiving communications and provided users are able to exercise their own rights of access, modification and cancellation.

Content and Community

Content & Community websites generate traffic by sharing information, opinions and personal experiences that provide value for visitors. Content & Community publishers usually earn affiliate commissions by writing or featuring products and services from the advertisers’ they have relationships with.

Incentives and Loyalty

Chances are if you own a credit card you are already familiar with Loyalty & Rewards programs, where consumers are rewarded with cash back, membership points or even airline miles for their purchases. Some loyalty programs count their membership in the millions, providing advertisers with a large audience that is intending to make a purchase.

Ad Networks

Ad network publishers work with Media Lives to extend the reach of advertiser programs beyond typical affiliate websites, with thousands of websites and billions of page views.

Shopping, Coupons and Deals

Our publishers create a shopping experience that offers consumers everything from discount coupons to price comparison features in hopes of earning a commission by sending the user to an advertiser’s website to complete the purchase for the best deal, every days.


Affiliate marketing publishers in the search category focus on using paid search placements to earn commissions. Search publishers use search engine marketing (SEM) practices to bid on keywords or achieve placement on search engines throughthe optimization of underused keywords, display URLs and landing pages.


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